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Roofspace Conversion - Seymour Construction

Roofspace Conversion

Roofspace Conversion

What uses can you think of for an extra room in your home? Perhaps you have a growing family and need an extra bedroom or playroom, maybe an office for a new business, a spare room with ensuite for guests, or what about an art or music studio? If your loft space is going to waste storing junk why not convert it into a habitable room that will add value to your home. When seeking a Builder/building contractor for your roof space conversion in Belfast or Northern Ireland be sure to give Seymour Construction a call.

Building Control & Planning Permission

Building control will be required for a loft conversion. Planning is only required in certain circumstances e.g you are hoping to add a large dormer to your roof. Seymour Construction can take care of both as well as any plans that may be required.

Adding Value

The Nationwide Building Society says that a 300 sq/ft loft converted into an en suite bedroom could add more than 20% to the value of your house.

Is Your loft suitable for conversion?

As a general rule the steeper the roof pitch, the greater the potential. Check your roof space to see if you have enough standing height and look at the roof structure. If you have a trussed roof it may be much more difficult or not possible to convert. If you have a purlin/rafter (cut roof) you should be fine.